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Pair Concrete Extrude table lamps

Pair Concrete Extrude table lamps

A pair of Extrude table lamps - perfect for the living room or bedside tables. Made from white concrete, sand and marble crush. Polished by hand. Each lamp has unique characteristics resulting from casting process, no two are exactly alike.
Size:17cm X 20 cm X 9,5 cm. Weight of each lamp is 1,7 kg - they're not heavy concrete.
1 LED each, 3200K° "warm white" 12 volt. Long life 50,000hrs. LED light is cast into the form allowing for thin construction.
Lamps are waterproof, dimmer is solid state. Transformer locates on plug and requires protection from water is used outdoors. Transformer works with US and European current (110 - 220V) and has option to install the plug type for your region.
Colors are available to match your interior decor color-palette. Ask for more details if interested.

Design: Steve Bush
1690 SEK